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Ante Nuptial Contracts

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The matrimonial property regime which you choose will affect your and your spouse’s future. You must exercise an informed choice as your choice will determine your proprietary rights during your marriage, as well as when it is dissolved - either by death or divorce. It is imperative that you elect your matrimonial regime (Anti Nuptial Contract, or Prenup) prior to the marriage, as changing it after is a difficult, costly and time-consuming procedure.

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Our all-inclusive fees include the following services:

  • Taking instructions

  • Drafting of Ante Nuptial Contract

  • Tending to signature before a Notary Public and notarizing of Contract by Notary Public

  • Tending to registration at Deeds Office

  • Sending back the original Anti Nuptial Contract to you after delivery thereof from the Deeds Office


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